What is contact juggling & why is it so cool & mesmerising?

Last updated on March 30th, 2021 at 10:32 pm

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What Is Contact Juggling Really All About?

I’m sure you are all familiar with the art or skill of juggling right? Whether it be with balls, clubs, scarves, rings or sticks. We have all seen people juggle them and wow us? But what about contact juggling? In fact what is contact juggling?

In this article you will learn all the main facts about this cool and mesmerising illusion.

Contact juggling seems to be all the rage in the world of jugging at the moment. More and more people seem to be taking it up. Why? And what is it? Well that is just what this article is going to explain.

First things first how does it differ from normal juggling? Well unlike with conventional juggling the ball or balls stay in contact with the juggler instead of being tossed into the air.

Is There Much Skill Involved?

There may not seem like much skill or art in doing that until you actually see it in action? In essence a contact juggler is able to manipulate the ball to give an impressive visual illusion.

Put simply the juggler can appear to manipulate a single ball in the hands to produce several cool effects. For example one of those really cool tricks is to have the ball appearing to be floating in midair with the juggler merely looking like they are caressing it.

The next most common way to use the contact balls is to roll it along your arm and maybe toss between arms. It is all about having total control making it look effortless and a bit like a magic trick.

The aim is to achieve an optical illusion of sorts, this makes for some really cool visual art.

But enough of describing contact juggling you need and probably want to see someone performing it. Take a look at this talented contact juggler one of many videos I could have chosen to demonstrate it in action.

Plenty Of Practice Is Required

Pretty neat I think you will agree, but whilst it may look easy I can assure you anybody thinking of taking this up like anything you will need plenty of practice and most important of all patience.

Hopefully this has given you a little insight as to what is contact juggling is all about.

What Are Contact Juggling Balls Made Of?

contact juggling ball - what is contact juggling

Most contact juggling balls are made from acrylic and come in various colours. Those types of balls used include red, green, black and of course clear.

Why Has It Become So Popular?

It’s hard to say exactly why contact juggling has it become so popular?  Maybe it’s because of the rise in social media and the way in which people share cool videos. You can find many stunning performances on YouTube and the like. Plus you are more likely to see plenty of street performers who include it in their acts especially at music or arts festivals.

Ultimately it maybe just part of a cycle maybe it will be some other thing in the next couple of years.

Let’s face it wouldn’t you like to have a really cool party piece which totally mesmerises your friends and family.

Who Invented Contact Juggling?

Manipulation of objects has been around for centuries so it’s difficult to say. Contact juggling certainly took off in the 1980’s but has hit new high in popularity since the start of the 2000’s.

What Else Can You Do With Contact Juggling?

Plenty, a lot of contact jugglers are often very accomplished normal air tossing jugglers. They will often combine the two forms to produce something truly impressive.

Where To Purchase Your Contact Juggling Balls

Your probably wanting to get started right? Well you’re going to want to purchase some contact juggling balls. Don’t worry you don’t need to go to a specialist shop you can find high quality contact juggling balls over on Amazon.

contact juggling balls

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Final Thought – Is Contact Juggling Hard?

Like all forms of juggling it requires practice but the basics can be picked up rather quickly. Contact juggling is a kind of magic its illusion art and really does boggle the mind. You really won’t believe your eyes!

So if you are thinking, what new skills can I learn today? or what new things can I learn in lockdown? Why not choose to contact juggle and really astound your friends and family!

If you are looking to take up contact juggling or any other form of juggling then we have plenty of tutorials / guides that will help you learn to juggle. Below are just a few with more being added all the time:

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