Watch 10 Sensational Jugglers Perform Awesome Ring Juggling Tricks

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 02:50 am

Video 6

Here we have professional act Jochen Schell, enjoy.

Around the 1:40 mark you can see a little bounce juggling to add some variation to proceedings. Take not and consider adding these things to your routines.

Video 7

A few more 3 ring tricks – It looks so easy, but we all know it’s not!!!

Video 8

Jean-Philippe Deltell: Yet more great tricks with various numbers of rings used here.

More rings means more height required so if you are juggling indoors make sure you have a high ceiling!

Video 9

Proving you can juggle in pretty much any kind of location!!!

Orange rings anyone!!!

Video 10

And last but not least we have… wait for it, yet more rings

So a few ideas of how you can use ring juggling tricks in routines. Rings may not seem as cool as clubs at first glance but these videos show they can make the act more creative.

There are many different juggling rings for sale and I’ll go through what to look for when purchasing in a future article.

Now you have seen just how cool it can look when you juggle rings, especially when you incorporate it into your own routine. I hoped you enjoyed this look at ring juggling tricks keep an eye out for more articles of this great art / skill that will be appearing here soon.

In fact there are already several juggling tutorials on the site that well get you started and teach you the basics skills. All of which are transferable between the different juggling disciplines. So if you like to juggle all kinds of things such as balls, clubs, scarves, footballs (soccer) or contact then this is the website for you.

If would like learn to juggle we have a tutorial for you for beginners.

You can find general information on juggling throughout the site, more cool videos will be added regularly.

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