Watch 10 Sensational Jugglers Perform Awesome Ring Juggling Tricks

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 02:50 am

Ring Juggling Tricks – How Many Can You Do?

Ever tried your hand at juggling?  You may have tried balls and clubs but how about ring juggling tricks? After all it looks pretty cool right. Well if you are looking for some inspiration then look no further just take a look at the tricks below and see what you could soon be doing with a bit of practice of course!!!  So whether it’s 3 rings, 5 or eight clubs sit back and take a look at some of the very talented jugglers around.

I’ve searched the internet to bring you some of the best jugglers displaying their talent with rings.

Video 1

One of my favourite jugglers, here he shows us 10 three ring tricks, enjoy!

Rings look kind of simple but each different object you juggle requires plenty of hours practice, although at least the juggling patterns you have spent time learning are transferable.

Video 2

A little bit different from the first video but I think you will find this very impressive…

Juggling rings can provide a pretty mesmerising or hypnotic effect for the audience.

Video 3

Here we have a Japanese juggler going through his repertoire of 3 ring tricks

With rings brings the opportunity to use different ways to start tricks included the use of the head. Whilst most things transfer between juggling objects each one has a specific uses bring freshness to the routines.

Video 4

Carlos Muñoz Sombra: A more arts style presentation but still some great ring work!!!

That’s a lot of rings in the air at one time and goes to show just how amazing rings can look.

Video 5

Tony Pezzo juggles several rings at once, pretty cool bit of skill

Another good video that demonstrates how to mix up you routines.

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