Juggling Tricks – Master 5 Juggling Tricks With 3 Balls

Last updated on March 31st, 2021 at 12:52 am

Learn To Master Juggling Tricks

So you you want to learn to juggle?  Ok so we will take a look at some of most common juggling tricks out there.  We will take a quick look at each of the main types tricks in this article from balls to the best juggling clubs tricks.

So how long does it take to learn to juggle?  Well whilst it looks easy as you will see below, you will find that the very nature of tossing balls into the air can give you the feeling like you are failing.  The people in these videos I guarantee felt the exact same way.

Like anything you decide to take up it’s going to take a quite a few hours mastering the basics, how many?  Well that depends on you but if you practice everyday for say 30 minutes for two weeks your going to be able to do the basics quite well.

Some of you probably aren’t interested in learning to juggle but just like to watch others doing so.  That’s fine but lets take a look at what can be achieved with a little practice!

Here are some of the most common ball tricks:

A very talented guy I think you will agree

Lets look at a few of those juggling tricks or juggling patterns to give them the correct name.

  • 3 Ball Cascade
  • Tennis
  • Columns
  • Chop
  • Mill’s Mess
  • Shower
  • Cascade Reverse

As you can see from the video above there a many different patterns along with many variations of the same pattern. For example learn one pattern that goes left to right and then learn to do the same pattern right to left. Once you have mastered a few patterns try switching between them to create a neat little performance. As you master a new pattern simply keep adding them into one act to create something extremely impressive and sure to impress friends and family.

Once you have learnt a juggling pattern you can transfer that pattern between different objects such balls, clubs and rings.

What Juggling Equipment Is Available?

In theory you can juggle most items providing you can throw them into the air. Some people juggle chainsaws for instance, although I certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you are of an extremely high skill level. It does however highlight the point that jugglers are constantly looking for new challenges. That said we are going to concentrate on the items usually seen being juggled.

We can break down the differnt types of juggling tricks / equipment into a few categories. Tricks can be performed with a variety of different objects, these are the most common:

  • Balls – There are many different types you can buy and use to perform your show.
juggling tricks

  • Juggling ClubsPeople think these are very hard to juggle but they really quite easy to learn the basics.
juggling tricks

  • RingsAs with all juggling equipment these are available in many styles and materials.
juggling rings

  • Juggling ScarvesThis can be fairly easy to pickup but it’s slightly different from the other juggling equipment listed above. For a start juggling scarves float so your technique will be slightly different from juggling balls for example.

Scarves Example

It just takes a bit of practice and if you have already mastered the basics with one of the above your are going to be able to use those skills when changing to another piece of equipment. After all it being able to juggle is all about having or developing good hand eye co-ordination!

Where to buy your juggling rings, balls, clubs, scarves etc…

You can purchase pretty much everything online from Amazon or if you prefer direct from specialist retailers.

These are affiliate links, Amazon may share a small amount of revenue with us if you buy through one of these links. This has no effect on the price you pay.

5 Juggling Tricks with 3 balls

Now back to juggling with balls, if you intend to learn to juggle your going to need to learn and master a few tricks, these are some of the basic ones:

  • Cascade – 3 Balls

This is probably popular of all the juggling tricks out there and everyone who learns to juggle has to master.

juggling tricks
Cascade 3 Balls

So if you can master this trick you are well on your way to moving on to more difficult ones.

  • Reverse Cascade

This is Cascade but in reverse, why not try this trick as this will help you develop your skills.

juggling tricks
Reverse Cascade

  • Columns – 3 Balls

So with this you throw two balls one in each hand up in the air and the third with whilst they are on the way down and it looks pretty neat. There are several variations of the Columns tricks

juggling tricks
Columns One Hand

  • Windmill – 3 Balls

Given its name, as you can probably guess due to the motion.

juggling tricks

  • Weave – 3 Balls

As you can see this looks quite difficult but again it’s not as hard as it may seem.

juggling tricks

So there are your 5 three ball tricks.  If you are still not convinced to start learning juggling tricks take another look at this talented juggler as he runs through 8 five ball tricks!!!

I bet you wished you could be the one showing off those skills. Well once you learnt the various patterns it’s simply down to plenty of patience when adding extras balls to any trick.

Final Thoughts On How To Juggle Three Balls

Now you have seen some of the most popular types of tricks you could be performing, hopefully you will get the urge to learn to juggle.  If that is the case you already at the right place as with have plenty tutorials for all kinds of juggling.  In fact you can click here for tutorial for beginners with 3 ball tricks.

Don’t forget to check back regularly as we will be adding lots more tutorials covering all aspects as well more youtube videos. These will show some of the most awesome content from the the very best in the business.

So get practising and you can start to show off to your friends and family!!!

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