Follow This Masterclass and You Will Learn to Juggle Clubs – Intermediate Guide No.2

Last updated on March 12th, 2021 at 12:04 am

Learn To Juggle Clubs For Intermediate & Advanced Level

Hopefully you have mastered the basics of club juggling from my earlier juggling tutorial or are well on the way to doing so.  To start these juggling patterns you should be able to perform your doubles and triple throws as well as being reasonably comfortable with the Reverse Cascade. If that’s the case you will no doubt be wanting to add something really special and more complicated. Well  thats what we will cover here in this Learn To Juggle Clubs – A Intermediate Guide.

Learn to juggle clubs

Time to expand your juggling tricks repertoire so lets take a look at what we will cover in this guide.

Featured Three Club Juggling Patterns / Tricks

  • Single Back Cross
  • Under The Leg
  • Mills Mess
  • Back Cross Multis

First up is the juggling trick single back cross. As it sounds you will be throwing a club behind your back and it looks kind of neat. Again you need to start by practising with one club, throwing behind your back and over your shoulder. To demonstrate this trick who better the talented juggler Isaac Shivers.

Here we take a look at Juggling Three Clubs – Single Back Cross

So having practiced throwing the club behind the back now we need to add into a juggling pattern and learn to juggle with it making an impressive trick.

Over to Isaac…

Now you will put the back cross into your juggling pattern

If you are feeling like you have mastered that time for something really hard, expect lots of dropped clubs. Yes multiple back cross throws and trust me this is incredibly difficult and will take you some to get right.

Now if anyone manages to achieve this level of club jugglers I think you can safely say you are a talented juggler! And if you do master it please send us a link to your Youtube videos so we can see you in action.

Under The Leg

If you juggle balls then you will be very familar with the under the leg trick. It alway looks good and is a great way to vary your routine . With a little practice a think you should be able to pull this one off.

This is one trick you should learn as it add that nice bit of variety to your act – Under The Leg

Learn To Juggle Clubs – Mills Mess

Those who already know this trick from juggling balls should be able to pick with a little practice, those who don’t may struggle. The payoff is this really does look pretty impressive and really should be in your repertoire.

Three clubs Mills Mess juggling trick

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