Learn How To Juggle Clubs – A Beginners Guide No.1

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How To Juggle With Juggling Clubs – A Beginners Guide

How To Juggle With Juggling ClubsJuggling is a lot of fun right? You have probably started with juggling balls and now want fresh challenge.  Well I suggest you move on and learn how to juggle with juggling clubs.

It does not matter if you have never juggled before but if you have done so with another object like balls you will already know many of the juggling patterns. Either way there is no need to worry as this tutorial is aimed at beginners.  So no need to worry if you don’t know anything as these guides aim to get you started right from the very beginning.  Also  just like when learning to juggle balls we will start with three juggling clubs.

Want to learn to juggle with three balls see our tutorial

What to look for when buying a set of juggling clubs

Before we start you of course need to purchase a set of clubs. If you have the opportunity to go to a shop and handle a few before you buy I would recommend doing so. Clubs tend to look the same but they come in slightly different sizes / lengths. Another consideration is weight as this varies from club to club, there is no perfect weight or size. Fundamentally it boils down to find a club that feels right tossing into the air and catching.

That said if you can’t try before you buy take a look at the customer reviews to see the pros and cons of a particular club.

You can buy juggling equipment in specialist stores in which you can try them but most purchases these days will come from the online retailers. There are many who specialise purely in juggling but you can find a decent set of clubs from Amazon.

Time to start throwing with one club

Take one club and hold it by the handle around the midway point.

Next you will begin to practise throwing the club up in the air and catching it with your other hand. Note the key point to juggling clubs opposed to balls is the club spins. Depending on the height, the higher you throw the more the club will spin or rotate. Obviously you want to catch it with the handle so take some time to experiment with the height until you can regular catch handle first. This may seem a basic step but if you don’t put the practise in here you won’t be juggling any time soon.

To illustrate my point take a look at this video:

Time to get used to throwing and spinning with one club

Moving on to two juggling clubs

Now take a second club, one in each hand now simply throw one club and throw the other club underneath it before it comes down catching each club hopefully handle first. Now you are juggling two clubs!

If you have already learnt to juggle balls then you will be very familiar with this process and only need to factor in the spin of the juggling club. Again practice this as much as you can because you know it will become much harder when we add the third club.

Now take it a step further and keep throwing and catching continuously for around ten throws. Keep practising this until you have it perfected it, don’t worry if you find yourself dropping the clubs it takes a little time to find your rhythm so you always catch handle first.

Take a look at this video to ensure you are performing the throws correctly:

Now it’s time to add that second club and become comfortable throwing two together

Moving on to three clubs

Right ready to start? Well hold on a moment as this now means you need to hold two clubs in one hand. The way I recommend is to have the two handles crossed. At this point we really do need a visual illustration and thankfully the club juggler featured in these videos does this the same way!

Before we see the video with the two clubs in one hand we now need to throw like we did with the two but add an extra throw. Easy right? Wrong this is very difficult and will almost certainly result in the clubs ending up on the floor. Don’t despair this happened to all the really great jugglers when they were learning. It simply comes down to being persistent, keep practising every for 20 minutes every day if possible.

Right let’s take a look at an expert in action:

And now the moment of truth, three clubs…

Problems you may encounter whilst juggling 3 clubs

Juggling clubs is hard at the beginning you have a lot to concentrate on and seemingly not enough time to do so. Think out about learning to drive a car it’s hard but once learnt it seem relatively easy. You steer, check your mirrors, change gears all without really thinking about and it’s the same when it comes to juggling. Once you start to crack the basics there really is no looking back.

With that in mind take a look at this video which should help solve the main problems people struggle with.

Juggling with clubs it’s time to address those little problems you may be having

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