Would You Love To Learn How To Juggle 3 Balls?

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Time To Learn How To Juggle

Learn How To Juggle With Three BallsSo you want to learn how to juggle? Juggling looks like a lot of fun right, whether it be with balls, clubs, rings, scarves or whatever.  I bet you have thought I wouldn’t mind trying that but find it’s not as easy as it looks. Fear not because we will walk you through the basics. You will be aided by some of the best jugglers in the business via a series of video tutorials. The aim here is to learn how to juggle 3 balls.

Most people when they think of juggling probably think of three balls being tossed into the air. That is of course the best and easiest way to learn how to juggle. With that in mind that is what we will concentrate on in this tutorial.

Don’t worry as we have some brilliant videos to help illustrate the points.  So just how to learn to juggle?

The Basics

The first thing to do is find a relaxed stance with feet apart.

It’s important to prepare and nail the basics and the first of those is to take one ball, yes just one and practice throwing it between hands. Ensure it arcs around eye level. It may seem basic and it is but if you want to become a good juggler you really can’t skip ahead.

Having mastered throwing beween two hands try doing it with you eyes closed.

Once you are comfortable throwing the ball between hands we will add a second. However this presents us with the opportunity to go through how to hold two balls in one hand. I could describe how to do that however sometimes you really do need to see it, but don’t worry because the video I have to demonstrate this point is from a truly outstanding juggler none other than Niels Duinker. (For holding two balls in one hand skip to 2:16)

Back to throwing and now I want you place a ball in each hand. Now simply throw one ball and throw the other ball underneath it before it comes down. Now you are juggling two balls. Repeat this exercise until you feel comfortable, note most juggling tutorials will have you do this. The reason is to make you feel comfortable with the balls and get into a rhythm whilst improving your hand eye co-ordination. This step by step approach is proven to work so stick with it.

To take this on a little further try alternating which hand you start with.

Three Balls

Now you are ready to move on to three balls and you will need to have two balls in your dominant hand and one in the other hand. Throw the balls as before but add a second throw right before the second ball comes down. Spending time here will really help as this really is the fundamentals of juggling. Keep going until you are happy that you won’t be dropping any balls very often.

Once you have mastered it simply add a fourth thrown and catch and then a fifth and sixth. Now you really are juggling, so keep practising daily if possible until it becomes second nature.

So now you are hopefully juggling but maybe you need some visual help for that I think we need the help of Niels Duinker to demonstrate.

Lets take a look at the outstanding Niels Duinker.

Niels Duinker who demonstrates the art of juggling, he starts off right at the beginning with just one ball.  This may seem a little too simple but stick with him as he is one of the best around.

To learn how to juggle requires more than just throwing balls between hands you need to throw in patterns. There are many different juggling patterns to master but once you know the basics you can put together some pretty impressive routines.

So let’s learn a few of those easier patterns starting with…

Three Ball Columns

This looks really simple but like all juggling tricks it does require a little patience, thankfully Niels is on hand to break this down into several steps.

Niels Duinker demonstrates how to perform 3 Ball Columns which is a very common pattern / trick

Three Ball Over the Top and Tennis

More 3 ball tricks / patterns from Niels Duinker here he show how to perform Three Ball Over the Top

Remember the more juggling patterns you learn meaning the better your act will become as you seamlessly move from one to the other.

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