Be Inspired By These Club Juggling Tricks: 10 Great Jugglers

Last updated on December 4th, 2018 at 10:15 pm

Video 6

Peruvian Juggler Percy Córdova: Take a look as he backheels the club, pretty neat I think you will agree.

Not content with juggling several clubs at once why not add a completely different object into proceedings such a hat. Great stuff!

Keep an eye out for one of his back heels at 3:15 in the video it always adds a certain style in my opinion.


Video 7

Anni & Kyle: Here we have an impressive  double act, very impressive!!!

Once you have reached a certain level why not team up with another person(s) of similar ability and create something truly memorable.


Video 8

Anthony Gatto proves the point, when using clubs why not use your feet?  Great bit of footwork!

Adding in the foot really provides a different visual look from the norm and it shows how juggling still evolves, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. These videos whilst highlighting the amazing talent around are also here to provide inspiration for you next acts.

If you just like watching then the variety ensures you never get bored watching the same routines over and over again.


Video 9

A nice three club routine by David Ladderman

The beauty of juggling being that there are many different ways to present your performance. In this video David Ladderman goes for the light hearted comedy approach which the audience clearly loves.


Video 10

5 Clubs – Pretty tricky but always looks impressive

Going from three clubs to five now and one thing you can guarantee no matter how good a juggler you are you will drop an object or two from time to time. Following that minor mishap just look at his skills juggling clubs.

At 1:26 you will see something that looks pretty amazing and like all talented jugglers he makes it look so easy.

Outstanding stuff!


So now you know just how good it looks when you juggle clubs,  I hoped you enjoyed this look at club juggling tricks and will keep an eye out for more articles of this great art / skill that will be appearing here soon.  So if you like to juggle all kinds of things such as balls, rings, scarves, footballs (soccer) or contact then this is the place for you.

If would like learn to juggle clubs we have many tutorials for you on clubs for beginners.

More general information on juggling can be found throughout the site.

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