Be Inspired By These Club Juggling Tricks: 10 Great Jugglers

Last updated on December 4th, 2018 at 10:15 pm

Clubs Juggling Tricks – How Many Can You Do?

Ever tried your hand at juggling?  How about club juggling tricks? That sounds really cool right? Take a look at some of the tricks you could be doing with a bit of practice!!!  So whether it’s three clubs, five or eight clubs sit back and take a look at some of the most talented jugglers around.

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You will note how the performers are able to juggle multiple patterns which can then be mixed together to produce one awesome visual experience.

Right time to take a look at our ten videos containing club juggling tricks from some excellent jugglers.

Video 1

25 three club tricks, I think you will agree these are pretty neat

This is an excellent video showing off the many varied juggling patterns you can learn. Once learnt simply interchange them into your routines.


Video 2

Luke Hallgarten: Another talented juggler, think you’re ready to try those clubs or maybe you prefer using balls!

A nice flow and rhyme makes this performance almost seem effortless, but we all know hours of practice went into it.


Video 3

Bruno Delgado: This guy has put a lot of thought into his presentation / art style as well as being a talented juggler, check it out!

Each camera shot is carefully designed to show the more arts side of things that can be incorporated into a juggling routine.


Video 4

Here we have  a professional act in front of a live audience (with lots of clubs)

This is where artistic use of the floor and dance combine beautifully with the skill of juggling. Ideal for a big show in front of a large audience and music is of course a must!

Don’t think you have to present you juggling performance in any particular way experiment and go with what suits you best.


Video 5

Brian P Dailey has that loving feelin’ or maybe he just likes Top Gun too much, nevertheless he sure knows how to use those clubs!

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